I was a voracious writer in school, pouring my all into letters and journals, and then soon in emails and online.  Over time the influx of noise in the media and online, professional obligations and self-imposed pressure halted my personal writing.  My inspirations were long gone and my priorities so different than in the past.  I did not understand what happened to my voice, and chose not to explore why it was gone.

Ancorat is my anchored corner of the web where I’ll document my thoughts as gathered on my own learning exploration.  Perhaps it will inspire others to think about these same issues, or even find the courage to write themselves in their own place of the world.  Themes will vary but will include kindness, health crises, mantras, living and dying well, efficiency, my work in government programs, and philosophy.  Perhaps as I’m writing questions and ideas, solutions will become clear.

Now that the first post is done, pressure gone. Read on and return often.