New Year, What is Next?

…one of my favorite phrases that I picked up during Spiritual Exercises in college is so fitting for a new year.

It’s the first Saturday of  2018, truly one of the first days with some time to breathe after the planning and excitement of the last month.

There’s not much to love in the news lately but there are glimmers of hope if you can find them. Sarah Silverman has done an act of kindness instead of choosing escalation and inflammation. On the same platform there are bullies and moms and reporters and megalomaniacs, so it is nice when something so positive gets attention.

And then?

  • Spent the end of the year in a chilly city; kept warm with great people.
  • Reading a book that is totally outside my wheelhouse but my brain is thanking me for it.
  • Planning work travel and sharpening those time management skills.
  • Getting involved in community events and sharing the intel forward.