2020 HCCA Managed Care Compliance Conference

I am just back from the Health Care Compliance Association’s annual managed care compliance conference, which was held from January 26-29. All presenters I heard were really prepared and delivered timely and valuable information. Here are some of my favorite points from the conference.

Data is now more valuable than oil as a resource.

Michael Gray, Eliza Jennings

One of my favorite sessions pertained to cyber threats and compliance challenges. Learning how ransomware is on the rise will help me educate clients on the importance of following their own internal security policies, and connecting with their Security Officer if they are unsure of the risks. Thieves appear to be getting more savvy in tailoring emails that you or your employees will tend to click. Another wise lesson for everyone pertained to credential theft. As people use the same passwords across different platforms, theft of credentials is common and can wreak havoc on your other accounts. Unique passwords, everyone!

Another fantastic session pertained to dual products and Medicare Medicaid Plans, and how to navigate state and federal oversight. Sponsors face a tough hurdle especially if they are multi-state plans, because if you know one Medicaid program, you know one Medicaid program. With continued push for integration, maintaining effective communication between you, the state and CMS is imperative.

Hallway chats and networking breaks are the best ways to connect with others to see what is on their minds. What’s on their minds today? 2021 draft program audit protocols; RADV audits; risk assessments, and doing more about fraud, waste and abuse. The common concern of those I talked to was staying on top of everything with expansion of business, increase in regulatory changes, and the constant stream of audits to which their organizations are subject. More than once was the phrase “Wild West” used to describe this current era of compliance management.

A number of sessions (including my own) addressed first tier entity, delegate or subcontractor oversight and relationships. Sponsors manage these relationships in a variety of ways, and with new partners entering the market to work with plans, establishing proper oversight is imperative now more than ever. Contact me if you would like to chat about my session, Compliance in the New Age of Supplemental Benefits, or any other aspects of the conference.