I am Regan Pennypacker. I advocate volunteering, charity and supporting small businesses in local communities. Also known for unashamedly laughing the hardest at my own jokes. I am a healthcare compliance professional, focusing on all things health center/HRSA-related, Medicare Advantage, Part D, RI Medicaid (When you know one Medicaid contract, you know one Medicaid contract…),  More about my professional life can be found here in LinkedIn. Why Ancorat?

ancorar: Catalan. Verb. to anchor (secure with an anchor)  (first-person singular present ancoro, past participle ancorat)

Ancorat is my desired state of mind. Devoted to personal growth and continuous learning while contributing something meaningful to society.

(Also willing to be anchored somewhere with a Mediterranean view, home of the indescribable blues and greens.)

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